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Patrols and Positions
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Leadership Positions:

Senior Patrol Leader(SPL) - Leader of the troop. Does all to see the Troop succeed. Also in charge of patrols.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) - Helps the SPL. In charge of all the jobs that don't include patrol leaders.

Patrol Leader - In charge of the patrol.

Assistant Patrol Leader - Helps Patrol leader get ready for meetings and such.

Bugler - Plays the bugle for flags and ceremonies.

Chaplain Aide - Prepares for campout services and prayers.

Historian - Keeps records of troop activities.

Troop Guide - Teacher for the younger Scouts.

Scribe - The SPL's secretary.

Quartermaster - In charge of troop equipment and trailer.

Instructor - In charge of troop advancements and ranks.